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I'm not sure if you can help with this or not, but I hope you can.
Last year we had our patio stained and sealed. Afterwards I noticed that the screen to my slider door had spatter marks all over it. I thought it was just dirty and cleaned it. While it was wet, the screen appeared clean, but when it dried, the marks reappeared. It looks terrible. I'm thinking it is sealant, since there isn't any color to it, but am not certain. I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Is there anything you can suggest? Other than that, the screen is in great shape. I would hate to have to replace it.



The stain that was used on your patio probably permanently discolored spots on your patio door screen. The best thing to do it replace the screen. It is easy to do. Home Depot sells new screen material by the roll. They sell the tool to put the new screen in with. All it is is a plastic handle with a plastic roller attached to it. There should be a round rubber gasket just on the inside of the screen frame. Take that out gently and try not to stretch it out. Put the new screening material in screen frame and use the roller tool to sink the round rubber gasket back into the groove to hold the new screen in. Then just trim off the excess screening material  

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