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We have a screened in porch that's original to the house which will be replacing with Windows and sliding glass doors. I had the window/door guy come out to give me an estimate and he said that we'd need 2x6 framing for the sliding glass doors since they're 4 9/16" thick. I was surprised to hear that since I assumed most houses are built with 2x4 framing and plenty of them have sliding glass doors.  Have you heard of this?  I'm fine either way but it's just easier using 2x4 lumber since I'm doing the framing and install myself.


ANSWER: I can give you a better answer if I saw a picture of the opening. When I build a new house, I use double 2x4"s nailed together on each side of the sliding door frame and a double 2x10" or 2x12"s on top of the door for a header panel. Does the screen porch have an 8ft ceiling of a 7ft ceiling?

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QUESTION: Here are some pics of the porch.  The real structure is already there so all my framing will do will allow for the doors and windows.

I see why he wants to use 2x6" to frame in door opening. Since the porch studs look like they are 24" on center instead of the standard 16" on center, as normal wall would be, over a short time there wouldn't be enough support to handle the weight of the sliding glass door. Eventually with the opening and closing, the sliding glass door frame will become loose and wobbly. So I would also use 2x6's to make the door frame.

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