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QUESTION: hello sir ,\

It gives me immense pleasure to see a expert for WIN NT
we are using WIN NT platform for running our DCS(process control system ) HMI software called CONDUCTOR NT V2.3 by  ABB .

The pc used for running NT platform are on their way to grave so we build new pc with NT compatibilty.
But we encounter several problems please help us to resolve

1.WIN NT systems are connected through thin-net (BNC Ethernet)
we couldn't find  network cards for this is it possible to adopt RJ-45 based Ethernet for WIN NT 4.0 with sp5.
 we tried a COMPEX READYLINK RL2000 REV A1 PCI BNC NETWORK CARD (which is not in the default list of NIC) but we have difficulty in installing it ,we couldn't find proper driver for it.
then we used a compatible driver but now it give error code 7000 stating that "device is not working "
we googled then found its because of IRQ CONFLICT , please help to resolve this  .
2.on trail and error basis i just installed the HMI software on win xp system by using it in compatibility mode.just making the .exe file of the software to run in NT MODE in XP.
but software started like normal but crashed  soon ,is it possible to install and work flawlessly in XP.

please help us to resolve the problems we will be very thankful to you

thank you

ANSWER: Hi Muthuselvam,

I can imagine your frustration.

Broadly speaking:
You have several options to resolve the problem.

I can only facilitate some options for you to find a remedy.

1.Find the problem area:Software,Hardware or compatibility.
2.Try alternate options for software and hardware.(You already appear to have tried XP Compatible Mode.(Another software option is Wine on Linux Mint 17)
3.Speak to supplier ABB for support.

Specifically speaking regarding observed probable problem area.
1.Check your IRQ settings in firmware or hardware,that it is matching BIOS settings.
2.Some motherboard and chipset specifications are not compatible with specific software.

Best Regards

When you find a solution please send me feedback.

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QUESTION: thank you sir for your kind reply,

please help to find IRQ setting in firmare


To find how your IRQ settings have been setup in the firmware I would recommend you boot from another operating system for example Linux or Windows and then check if there are any conflicts.

For XP use:
Installation drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\msinfo32.exe"

Then check under Hardware Resources.


In NT go to Start Programs Administrative Tools (Common) Windows NT Diagnostics to launch Windows NT Diagnostics.
Click on the Resources tab
Then IRQ to view which interrupt resources are already in use

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QUESTION: thank you sir,

could  youplease tell me the equivalent OS for win nt so that the software would work.


This help is on a voluntary basis so I can not give you high priority support.

NT is an good operating system and I do not know of any OS that is gauranteed to work as an equvalent.

Windows 2000 works with most NT applications and Linux Mint 17 32 bit using the WINe application also.

Here is more info that may help you.

The Windows Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) is a compilation of computers and computer hardware that have been extensively tested with Windows for stability and compatibility. Microsoft Product Support Services uses the HCL to determine whether or not a computer is supported for use with the Windows operating system.

You can check with the equipment supplier about your particular items.

Check the HCL to determine whether the computer/s are certified by Microsoft as Windows-compliant.

The latest Windows HCL is available from the following Microsoft Web site: or

 may be of help also.

Note To obtain the text file of the Windows 2000 HCL, click the following Microsoft FTP site:

I recommend that you contact the original equipment supplier.

If you are able to pay for remote or telephonic support services to assist you I may be able to facilitate such support for you.

Thank you

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