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Windows Networking/blocking access on select user account


Another poster asked, “How can I control over the network users.  Any free software?” and “In all PCs windows 7 is installed”.   You recommended open DNS and because I am not very knowledgeable, and particularly know very little in regards to internet security issues and firewalls, I am not sure this is what will resolve my problem.  Hoping for some advice.....

I volunteer to assist users on a computer network for a non-profit.   The ones I assist are retirees in an independent living facility.  They share their computer room with children from a parachial school who have a tutor for a couple hours per day.
Recently, some, and in particularly one, of the retirees have been accessing free porn sites.  This has resulted in malware popping up on the stations used.  One particularly malicious virus locked up the data base completely claiming it was the US government doing so because of illegal downloads and claiming a fine had to be paid in order to “unlock” the computer.  I solved the problem by deleting that particular database (user account) and opening a new one with the same name.

I’ve talked with the persons watching porn and asked them to quit doing so.  Well, there is a decrease in activity but not completely so.

Is there a simple way for me to block content on one database in Windows 7?

Hi Theresa
I am assuming when you say "database" you are actually talking about a Windows user account.

Yes OpenDNS ( can resolve this issue.  You can block porn sites adult content etc.  You can even block sites know for Malware.  The best part about it is it does not require software to be downloaded or installed.  All you need to do is change the DNS numbers in preferably your router and then log in to you OpenDNS account to block the sites or site categories you wish to block.

You most likely have what is called a dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) address.  This is your identification on the Internet.  If you do have a dynamic IP address you should install software on one (1) computer to keep your IP address up to date in your OpenDNS account.

As an extra tip I highly recommend scanning all computers with the following programs in the order given.  If Malware is on a computer under one user account it could be under others and on other computers.  Some Malware self replicates and spreads it self.  You should run each on of this programs on each and every user account on each and every computer.

CCleaner ( -- Cleans junk files, history etc

Spy Bot Search and Destroy ( -- Scans computer for Malware

Malwarebytes ( -- Also scans computer for Malware

Run a Scan with the anti-virus installed.  If you need one, I recommend AVG (  They do have a free version (

I know this is a technical answer, sometimes it is hard to answer these questions with out getting technical.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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