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QUESTION: Can you use 10 base requiremnt ups for 100 or 1000 base modem ?

ANSWER: Hi, I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if you are asking whether you can connect a higher speed modem to an older and slower USB connection or an older 10 base ethernet connection, the answer is yes.  It just won't run at the higher speed.

- Mike

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QUESTION: Do you know what a ups is?

In the IT world, UPS usually stands for uninterruptible power supply, in other words a battery backup for a computer.  It has nothing to do with modems.  10 base or 100 base usually refers to ethernet speeds, which also has nothing to do with UPS or modems.  That was the initial source of my confusion as to your question.  Perhaps if explain further what you are trying to do, I can better understand what you need to know.

- Mike

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QUESTION: I seen a ups online thats for sale, with a 10 or 100 base ethernet port.  So if it's 1000 base ethernet port router can you plug it in the 10 base or 100 base ethernet port of the ups?  And will it work?

I think every network device I have ever seen is backward compatible, meaning a gigabit port (1000 base) will run at slower 100 or 10 connections if connected to a slower device.  If you connect a gigabit router to the slower UPS, they will simply run at the slower speed.

- Mike

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