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We have a domain network, Every few min my ID got locked & My server showing me 1 system Name in which my id got locked.

But when I checked that system it is not showing any Credential with my Id I m using this command (rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr ), i also checked Internet Explorer.and there is no Map drive on that system.

Now is there any other option to check any shared folder credentials.

Pls do the needful.


ANSWER: Hi there.

It is possible that if you have a wireless network that authenticates with the same userid/password as you do in your domain network, you are being locked out for some reason.  In my environment, we have had several situations where people with their wireless devices (phones, laptops), key in or have in memory the incorrect password and the phones/laptops try and try to connect with the wrong password, therefore locking the account.  This locks their access to the workstation too.

If you have a smartphone/laptop make sure that the passwords there are correct as well.  Also, confirm that no other user is logging into the domain with your credentials.

One thing I might suggest is if you have any drive mappings, disconnect them all.  Then, change your password and see if that might help.

Thanks and let me know if you need more help.

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We don't have any smartphone/laptop, My server showing the locked status with 1 system name but when I m checking my credentials over that systems it not showing.

is there any other option to ck my credentials.


HI there

I'm not sure the solution here.  I am going to suggest one thing that might solve the problem.  Reset your domain logon and password to something different and see if that makes a difference?

One other option is that if you have to ever logon to external resources such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc it is caching that password and thinking it is your domain logon/password.  

Also, I would suggest going into your Internet Explorer and clearing your cache/history and also taking away the option to remember your password -- maybe a particular screen is autologging you in and it is therefore locking you out if the password is incorrect.

Let me know if this helps.

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