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I recently had a wireless router installed my IPhone and PS3 pick up the signal just fine, but my hp laptop can't seem to find it. It finds all of my neighbors just not my own. What is the problem?


Hi there.

Sorry for my delayed answer on this as I was away on holiday.

The first question I'll ask is, (which might sound very basic), is ensure that the wireless is turned on on  your laptop.  Sometimes it is easily turned off via a switch on the side or the keyboard combination (maybe it's Function + F8).  That might be the easy answer.  However if everything is on, basically, I would suggest upgrading the driver of your HP laptop's wireless device.  You can do this by going to the HP site and looking up your laptop and trying to see if there is a new revision in the wireless LAN drivers.

If you need help with getting the drivers, please let me know.


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