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I was just was bounced around (5X) for the last 6-7 hours and still don't have wireless network connections. At the end; my network provider (Time Warner) send me back to HP Technical support about wireless adapter issues on my laptop (Compact 6515b)that HP Tech's should address. HP tech's fought back and told me that my laptop warranty had expired so I had to take it to my provider to resolve that issue. FYI I got to my wireless network connection but was unable to connect due to wireless adapter. At the end of it all it never asked for my password and never enter my network. What should I do? Should I just get poked in the eyes at the repair shop or is this something that an amateur can resolve.

HI there.

I hate for end users to get put through to tech support who really cannot diagnose things well!

I am not 100% sure how things go, but what I'll suggest is that you disable your wireless network adapter on the laptop and for a short (temporary) time, you connect via WIRED connection to your router.

After this is done, I'm thinking the wired connection will work with the network/internet with no problem.

The problem you refer to about not being prompted for a that the userid/password you are asking about regarding connecting to the WIRELESS ROUTER or?

Depending on what your router brand is, you need to connect in via a web address and IP address (typically something like or, and this is where you would put in the password and connect, and you may need to setup your wireless connectivity settings again.  It might be that one of those support people disabled your WIRELESS router, meaning that they turned off WIFI.  In the screens, you should re-enable the WIFI on the router and then reenable it on the laptop.

Anyways, try this out and let me know what happens.

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