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We're using Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition.  The setup is like below:

2 Servers

1. 10.198.XX.XXX > AD Server with a valid domain.
2. 10.200.XX.XXX > Database Server which is joined to the above domain.
   (Primary DNS Server for this server is 10.198.XX.XXX (AD IP Address) since we want to join the server to domain)

Need a solution for the below query :

1. I want to upload some files to AWS S3. Due to the primary DNS server configured, S3 uploads via this DNS server is too slow.

2. In the Alternate DNS Server I've mapped (VPC Default DNS Server), the upload speeds are way much better.

3. Now, I want the DNS Server to talk to when uploading the files. The database server should not talk to S3 domain using the 10.198.XX.XXX DNS server.

Options tried :

1. Changed the Primary DNS server to  Uploads are working as expected. But since the machine is attached to domain, we encountered issues logging into the website. So reverted back to old state.

2. Configured a "conditional forwarder" on the AD Server. For the talk to   Still no luck, requests are going through the Primary DNS server.

Is there any way I can accomplish this settings ??

Your solution would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know an way to do this.

Thanks & Regards,

HI Arvin

This is a complex situation obviously, and you have done a lot to try to troubleshoot the situation.

I will ask maybe a few simple things that MAY be the cause of the speed problems.  Can you verify that for both servers you have here that the network cards are operating at 1.0 Gbps?  There may also be a situation where your network ports are limiting upload traffic to a particular speed and that is why there is a slowdown in uploading files from the one system.

Have you tried uploading files directly from each server to Amazon S3 or from workstations connecting through the 2 servers you have in place?  Maybe by trying to do a test file from each of the servers, you can determine what is the bottleneck.

Theoretically, if traffic was going through two servers internally then to S3, I could see slowdowns occurring because it is naturally what would happen.

As a workaround, if the uploads will be handled ONLY by administrative staff like yourself, perhaps you can do the uploading when you remote desktop into the Windows 2008 server and just make it a routine to do it from the one system only.

I hope these ideas might provide you with some insight, but let me know if you have any further questions to add/ask.


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