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hi..i have win 7  here,and today there was no online connection. i checked in network and sharing center, and there is a red x between the pc and internet. first, what causes that,and  second, how do you get rid of the red x and get back online? thank you!!

The red X indicates that Windows is unable to find a path to the Internet.

The way to make that red X go away is to resolve the issue that is causing the computer to not have a path to the Internet.

In order to resolve the issue do take these steps:

1.  Reboot the computer.
2.  If that does not resolve the issue make sure that the computer is actually connected to a network either with a cable or wireless network.
3.  If the computer is connected to a network make sure that the network connection is enabled
    a.  Open Control Panel (Click Start the click control panel)
    b.  Open Network and Sharing Center
    c.  Click Change adapter settings
    d.  Right click on each connection and click on enable  or disable (click disable even if it is enabled)
    e.  If the connection was enabled in step 3d then re-enable it.

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