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My Computor has started to slow down, If it is a large page then I will have to reload it about 5 times until it actually works and most the time it loads half the page or loads just the text. This also affects Itunes, it wont load the itunes store. Please Help. I have left an image showing what Itunes comes up with.
P.s. It took me three times to load this very page!

Hi Josiah
The first thing you should try is checking your computer for malware.  The programs I recommend for this are:

CCleaner (
Spybot Search and Destroy (
Malwarebytes (

Download and install these programs.  Update Spybot and Malwarebytes.  After everything has been installed and updated run them in the order listed above.

When you run CCleaner select each of the boxes on the left with exception to Saved Passwords under each Web Browser listed if you wish.  Also do not click the very last check box "Wipe Free Space". Once you have clicked all the check boxes on the left, click "Analyze" then click "Run Cleaner".

Run Spybot, making sure it is up to date.  Remove everything it finds.  Do the same for Malwarebytes.

After you have run Spybot and Malwarebytes run CCleaner again deleting all junk files again.  Also click on the registry tab click "Scan for Issues" once the scan is complete click "Fix Selected Issues".  You will have to do this several times, continue this process until no issues are found.

I hope my explanation is clear enough.  Explaining such things is difficult through e-mail

If anything is not clear please ask a follow up.

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