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QUESTION: Dear Hrire,
       Greetings! Hope things good at your end.:)
I have just bought a tablet and i have enabled its driver.
Let me tell you about its 7Inch Allwinner tablet with having 1.2ghz processor and 512 DDR Ram.
       I have installed the driver naming PDA net and i could see connected emoticon on my desktop location but i am unable to browse in my tablet.Could you assist me in this regard?


ANSWER: Hi there.

The only thing I'm not sure about is are you trying to BROWSE your table or BROWSE your PC?

If it is a matter of browsing your PC, you should be able to do that with no problem.  However, you need to enable SHARING on your Windows PC and open up the rules so that Windows Firewall will allow it.  Also, you need to know the administrator userid/password on the PC in order to access the files.

I'm not certain you can access files on the tablet like you do on the PC because if it is android based, I don't believe file structures/sharing works the same way.

Let me know if you want to add any further questions...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hrire I am browsing PC i.e Desktop but i also want to browse my Tablet.
You said i must enable Sharing option in my main Local internet connection
with removing firewall right? I did it
What about this administrator n password? Do you mean i must tether ?
I did it but where i should write my admin id and password ?
Admin id and password is written in tablet.
Could you assist me?

Hi there.

If you are able to use your table and browse your shared folders on the PC, then it is working one way.

However, using your PC and browsing your table might not work the same way.  I really am not sure if you can share it like you do a PC.  Tethering doesn't really share items on the tablet, except for sharing the internet connection.

I would have to experiment myself with a tablet (which I don't have access to right now) and see if there is a way to share items on a tablet with a PC.

I hope that gives you some help.

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