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i have unwanted users on my wifi.  how can i delete them?

Hi there.

What you will need to do is logon to your ROUTER and made configuration changes on there.

Basically, you would go to (it may be something different depending on your router).  Then, somewhere in the configuration of the wireless router settings, there are several things you can do:

1)  Setup a password so no one can access your router itself.

2)  Setup wireless security, so that your wireless network will not be OPEN to anyone in the area.  Once security is set, only people that know the password to the network can get in

3)  If this is not enough, you can setup ADDITIONAL security in specifying which MAC / Network address (unique for each wireless card) can access your wireless network.  For instance, if your laptop's network MAC/Network # was 00-ee-11-ce-11-22 you can actually set that to be the ONLY wireless device to be able to access your WIFI network.

1) and 2) are critical, but 3) is more complex and only necessary if you want to be super security conscious.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and describe what you may not quite understand.


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