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Ok here is what I'm thinking about here when it comes to my server for my small business.

I'm looking to use them for is live video streaming, instant message data, able to connect to spreadsheets, documents, etc.  Now I will have devices connected to this server like mobile tablets, mobile phones and laptops.  

I would like to have those items use the server to connect to the internet as well.

Now I'm wondering about the setup up here. I'm thinking of getting 2 vpn routers (data flow through router 1 and then through router 2 to increase the firewall protection), 1 server (as a gateway with monitoring software), Server 2 (with the data on that server).  

Security is priority regardless if I don't need that much hardware, just need the best approach to keep it priority. Basically I want all communication data copies in-house (if possible).   

Do you have any suggestion or other approaches.  Thank for help and any ideas in this matter.


I'm not sure what the benefit of two routers is unless they are performing different security functions.  I would recommend you look into an advanced router that can be set up to handle not only VPN, but also act as an advanced firewall to keep out malware as well as hackers.  For a small business something like SonicWall might be the right way to go.  It can also handle your VPN needs as well.  A Sonicwall will also monitor and control internet access for your internal network and might replace what you currently have planned for  your second server.

For your file server, you need to decide how you are going to allow access.  If you have lots of different mobile devices using all different OS versions (e.g. ipads, androids, and windows devices) you will probably want a server that can deliver a virtual desktop to the devices.  That will help you maintain a consistent user experience across devices and also maintain control of your data.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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