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Ok here is what I'm thinking about here when it comes to my server for my small business.

I'm looking to use them for is live video streaming, instant message data, able to connect to spreadsheets, documents, etc.  Now I will have devices connected to this server like mobile tablets, mobile phones and laptops.  

I would like to have those items use the server to connect to the internet as well.

Now I'm wondering about the setup up here. I'm thinking of getting 2 vpn routers (data flow through router 1 and then through router 2 to increase the firewall protection), 1 server (as a gateway with monitoring software), Server 2 (with the data on that server).  

Security is priority regardless if I don't need that much hardware, just need the best approach to keep it priority. Basically I want all communication data copies in-house (if possible).   

Do you have any suggestion or other approaches.  Thank for help and any ideas in this matter.

Hi Mark.

Sorry for my delayed response.

Actually, this is a very good strategic approach to setting up a network for your business.  There is never 100% security unless you totally disconnect yourself from the internet, but having a 2 vpn router approach prevents a lot of potential hacking activities.

If you have a regular routine of backing up your data (nightly backups), I strongly suggest that you have a backup of these backups on an external drive which are inexpensive today, which you take home with you daily.  This might sound crude, but at the same time you are not storing any of your sensitive data on the internet (cloud) as they call it.  This is just in case there is an instance of fire that takes out the business.  If you have a recent copy of your data on your person, then you can at least have that information to restart your business relatively soon.

If you have any further questions/ideas, please let me know.  I can give you some tips on setting up encrypted drives on your external drives depending on how confidential your data is.


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