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Hi Kevin, maybe you can help.  The company I work for has a dedicated server running Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit.  On this server is a 32-bit database program for 12 users.  The server has 8GB RAM and a Gigabit NIC to a 24+4 Cisco switch.  That is 24 10/100 and 4 10/100/1000 ports.  Most workstations are running XP Pro, a couple XP Home, and a couple WIN 7.  We have periods of time when this database program is slowed to a crawl.
We checked the usage in task manager processes and system idle stays above 90 most on the time...nothing shows as being overtaxed.
Anti-virus, anti-malware, defrag, registry cleaners, etc. have been run on each computer.  The T1 internet line connects to the switch so internet users do not increase server workload.
Any ideas what and/or where my latency issue is?

Hi Steve,
The first thing I would recommend is to reboot everything, including the computers, server and all network switches.  If the issue persists you may have to bring one desktop back up at a time until you identify the issue.

Second because you are running Windows XP and Windows Server that tells me that most of your hardware is fairly old and may be starting to fail.

The last suggestion I have is how big is your database and what type of database is it, IE Oracle, SQl etc.  Have you done any maintenance on the database?


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