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Always worked fine.  Now lost the connection on my secondary pc.  When trying to connect/repair etc, it will not show my newwork -gabirose4 , but 2 neighbors.. Than somehow I get the gabirose4 , than get a message that the TCP/ip not installed..  
I use Windows 7 on main pc, and XP on the one I lost connection - wireless connection.  Use Bitdefender as my firewall - checked there could not see anything...  

If you can help or guide, thank you,   Gabe

ANSWER: Hi Gabe,

It sounds like something in the computer's wireless settings has become corrupted.  You may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless network card.  You can do this by going into Control Panel, then System, then Device Manager.  Delete the wireless cards, then do a search for new hardware.  Windows should rediscover the card and reinstall it.  Whatever got corrupted in the original install should be cleaned up.

I hope this helps!
- Mike

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QUESTION: Hello again,

While trying to reconnect, I get a message that the TCP/IP should be enable.  

Do you know how to enable it, please?

This is for Windows XP.

Thank you again,  Gabe

ANSWER: Normally, TCP/IP is enabled by default.  You may want to try the settings instructions listed here:

- Mike

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QUESTION: Thank you again, maybe last one, please. \

When refreshing the list of available networks, most of the times I get only 2 of my neighbors and NOT mine.  

How can I eliminate the neighbors' and have only one as the default?

Thanks again,   Gabe

When you scan all available networks, your computer is going to show all available networks in range.  There is no way to hide certain networks.  However, if you had accidentally tried to connect to one of those networks in the past, and your computer is still auto-reconnecting to them, you can right click on the network and disconnect so that it does not try to reconnect again in the future.

- Mike

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