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QUESTION: Hi, Mikaelian,

I'm using a new Windows 7 Home Premium HP laptop. Around a month ago, I used to be able to use the "Map network drive" to my college campus's network to submit my homework files, but one day it stopped working. I don't remember what I did to change it. I am still able to do it on my Macbook and the campus's Windows PC lab computers.

I looked at my "Network and Sharing Center" in the Control Panel to turn on network discovery and file sharing and all that, but it didn't work and I think my computer originally didn't need to turn those on before.

In one of my research, someone did this that fixed his problem:
"For win Home Users:
you can edit the registry yourself by doing this:
1) open Notepad:
2) copy this text and paste in notepad:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

3) save the file on your desktop (or anywhere else) as name.reg - ".reg" is important.
4) run the file and press yes on the 2 poppups.
Now it should be fixed."

I tried it but it didn't work.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time!


ANSWER: Hi Jess.

Can you tell me what version of Windows you were using before?  Although there are differences with Windows 7, making a connection to another system generally should work.  Do you know what mapping you need to connect to?  It is likely that if it's for example \\SERVERNAME\SHAREFOLDER you can simply connect to it using MAP NETWORK DRIVE, but you may need to check off 'Connect using different credentials'.  When doing this, you will be prompted to enter your userid/password - this should be the same one you use in the lab computers.

So for example, if your MAC and old PC had you logging onto the computer as 'JESS' (or your network logon ID you use in the lab) with that password, you'd have no problems connecting in.  The new PC probably doesn't have the network logon ID anywhere, so it doesn't know how to connect.

Please try this out first, and let me know if you have any further questions.


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Screenshot -Map network drive
Screenshot -Map networ  

Screenshot -Windows Photo Viewer
Screenshot -Windows Ph  
QUESTION: Hi, Mikaelian,

Oh, this new laptop is the same one I used when the "Map network drive" used to work. So Windows 7 Home Premium.

Yes, back when it used to work, I would go to "Computer" then "Map network drive", type in the \\servername\sharefolder, the pop-up showing the folders in that address would show up and I would click the one I wanted, the pop-up for my login ID and password would show up and I would type them in, and then I would have access to the class's webshare. "Connect using different credentials" was off then and it still is now (I tried checking and un-checking it and it didn't work). Everything in this process looks the same as in the lab computers.

But now, after I type in the \\servername\sharefolder, the pop-up showing the folders would show up but not have any folders listed (I attached a screenshot), and the pop-up for my login ID and password would not show up at all. Any ideas for a solution?

And sorry to give you more questions, but just today I found a new computer problem regarding Windows Explorer. I noticed that any desktop games I play (Minesweeper, Solitaire, etc.) freeze for a few seconds before going back to normal, and once the entire Windows Explorer window crashed with the pop-up "Windows Explorer has stopped responding".

I'm not sure if this is related to _another_ problem that has been going on since I got this new laptop, which is when I view an image in Windows Photo Viewer, after some number of clicking through the left and right arrows to view the next or previous image, it would crash with the pop-up "COM Surrogate has stopped working" (I attached a screenshot). The number of times I click the left and right arrows doesn't seem to matter; it has crashed at a few clicks to many clicks and often right when I open an image.

Sorry again for adding more problems, but take your time. You can just focus on the first question if it's better.

Thank you!


Hi Jess

For the FOLDER, sometimes using BROWSE doesn't work.  It's better that if you know the server name and share, type it like this (if the server was called COLLEGE01 and the share was called CLASS01):


Then, when you click on FINISH it should prompt you for the userid/password.

Another thing you might need to do here is if you have a DOMAIN logon at school, you may have to put it in this format:  SCHOOL\JESS (assuming your domain name is SCHOOL and your logon ID is JESS)

This may or may not make sense, but try it again.  Another thing is, if you don't know the server/share that you are needing to connect to, either call your helpdesk OR if you have access to your old computer, you could go into the mappings and see if they are listed there.


Regarding the other error message, I'm going to give you a complete different suggestion about the Windows Picture Viewer.  Instead, I recommend downloading a program called Irfanview.  You can search for it in a search window.  Download and install it - it's free.  It works a lot better/faster than Windows Picture viewer and is very powerful.

It is possible that the slowness you have been facing is due to HP doing a bunch of background updates to it's system software while you work/play.  HP unfortunately is notorious for having all this software that it installs in it's systems that are not really needed, but slows down your system.  If there is a setting you can find to either disable certain HP startup components, I would recommend it.  I don't suggest you uninstalling something unless you verify with HP (or an expert) if it's critical or not critical.

Anyways, feel free to reply and I can be of more help if you need it!


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