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Thanks for taking my question.

I have two windows 7 based pcs that I am trying to network together one a laptop, and one a desktop. Both have interned connectivity via the same wireless router.

I can view both computers from either computer, and from the desktop I can access files on the laptop.

The problem is that when I try to acess the desktop from the laptop, it asks for a network password. I tried entering the password for my router, the password to unlock the desktop, the password to unlock the laptop, and the password to unlock the desktop on the network, (which I changed because I thought that was the issue). None of the passwords I entered are accepted, and the only thing it asks for is the "network password", so I'm not entirely sure what it wants.

any ideas what I can do?

Hi Glen
You need to specify the computer that the user account is located on as well as the username and password to the computer you are trying to reach.

For example
If you are trying to access computer1 with user1 that has a password of Password1 then you would need to do the following:

in the user name field enter computer1\user1
in the password field enter Password1


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