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Windows Networking/Pen Plotters and Inkjet Printers for Color Printing.


Dear Michael

Inkjet Printers using Color Inks while Plotter uses Color Pens
for printing.

Model 1

1. Alternatively Can inkjet printer also can have Pens as a source for printing OR Plotter can also have Color Inks as a source for Printing ?.

Model 2

2. Alternatively Can inkjet printer as well as Plotter can have both Color Inks and Pens as a source for Printing. i.e. An inkjet has both Pens and Inks installed as well as Plotter has both Pens and Inks installed as sources for printing ?.

Can there be any advantages in manufacturing those above two Plotter and Inkjet Printer Models ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

While there are all sorts of different printer types out there.  It is impossible for me to imagine an inkjet using exclusively pens or a plotter printer using ink jets since those are the defining characteristics of each printer type.  If a printer uses pens, it is by definition a plotter printer.  If it uses ink jets, it is an inkjet printer.

Certainly a printer could be made that uses both pens and ink jets.  But I don't really see a benefit to it.  You would essentially be building two separate printers into a single device.  You  would also need highly specialized software that could tell the printer when to use ink jet and when to use pens.  This would greatly increase the cost of the printer and reduce its utility.


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