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Windows Networking/Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) V/S File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


Dear Scott‎‎

Do FTP will allow Faster Downloading and uploading files from
Servers then using Remote Desktop Protocol ?.

As a example if a file say 5 MB size has to be uploaded or downloaded from server then it will take less time for downloading and uploading files using FTP then using RDP ?.

Awaiting your reply,

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Prashant S Akerkar


I don't think there is that much difference, but I would think FTP would be better, there is less over head with the packets as far as I understand it.  Remote desktop also has to keep sending graphical data at the same time which will take up bandwidth.

I have to transfer lots of log files at work and I use an SSH connection(Cygwin) and then I use Winscp to connect, it can use FTP.  It is very solid and is better than cutting and pasting using remote desktop, which I find freezes up a lot and its annoying when your nearly finished downloading and it freezes up and you have to start again.  Also Cygwin has some good compression tools gzip,tar etc which most of the time will compress files smaller than winzip.

hope this helps


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