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Windows Networking/Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) V/S File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


Dear Mikaelian‎‎

Do FTP will allow Faster Downloading and uploading files from
Servers then using Remote Desktop Protocol ?.

As a example if a file say 5 MB size has to be uploaded or downloaded from server then it will take less time for downloading and uploading files using FTP then using RDP ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

In personal experience, I have not run a test in a recent times, but in the past I found that even in the example of transferring a file from a server, FTP is faster then doing a simple file transfer (i.e. in Windows).

However, Secure FTP might slow things down a little bit as there is security/encryption which will pass through the bytes and slow down transfers.

Speed however will be not that incredibly faster.  For example, if it takes a 5MB transfer 10 seconds in FTP, it might take 11 seconds in standard file transfer.

If large file sizes will be frequently moved, ensure that your client/server connections are at least 1 GBit, to ensure the fast file transfers.

Hope that helps

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