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Windows Networking/Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) V/S File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


Dear Kevin‎‎

Do FTP will allow Faster Downloading and uploading files from
Servers then using Remote Desktop Protocol ?.

As a example if a file say 5 MB size has to be uploaded or downloaded from server then it will take less time for downloading and uploading files using FTP then using RDP ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP is a program used to use a computer at a remote location.  If the correct version of Windows (Vista or newer) is used and is configured correctly it can be secure.  If configured correctly it can transfer files, however file transfer is not its primary purpose.

The primary purpose of File Transfer Protocol or FTP is to actually transfer files.  But it is not secure.  Anyone who knows how can capture the file(s) in transit and view the file(s)

That being said they both have their advantages.  RDP will be slow but can be secure in the right situation, FTP is faster but will never be secure.

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