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QUESTION: I am running Windows 8 on a new Lenovo desktop and would like to be able to share files with a Dell laptop running Windows XP Professional 2002.  Although I've read the Microsoft info and other online posts I just don't seem to be able to get it working. From Windows 8 I can see the laptop and share programmes but don't have access to My Documents even though I have granted sharing to the folder. I get the message that I do not have permission to access the XXXXX folder - contact network administrator.  I am sure it must be something simple.  I had no problem networking my two previous XP computers but this is beyond me at the moment so hoping you may be able to help.

Many thanks

ANSWER: hi there

the way im reading this is, you want to access shares on your XP laptop from you Win8 laptop?

is this is the case then did you click "share this folder on the network" AND "allow network users to change my files"



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QUESTION: I want to be able to share files between the two computers.  For instance I use my XP laptop mainly for making greeting cards so I have all the details on there with photos etc.  Apart from using internet that is the main use.  Because the new Windows 8 machine is faster I will often use that for sourcing info.  I then have to put it on a stick or email it to the other machine whereas previously with the two XP machines I would be able to share it rather than email.

The network on Windows 8 computer is WORKGROUP and on XP it was MSHOME so I renamed it (according to Microsoft instructions) so that both are WORKGROUP and as far as I can see I have ticked all the correct boxes about sharing on both computers


ANSWER: hi there

the fact that your getting a message telling you don't have access usually means NTFS permissions.  Try right clicking and changing the security settings, you might even have take ownership, NTFS can be a bit of a pain, so I would look for guide, try this one:



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QUESTION: Thanks - I've looked at all the sharing and cannot see why I can't connect. Each computer can see the other but not access the documents  I've given everything full control that I can see

hi there

the fact that you can see the folder is a good sign, it proves there is network connectivity. these things are pretty hard to work when im not actually sat at the pc, you tend to tinker around and to try to diagnose.

can you check out the below article, if you haven't already:



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