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I need you to help me with this.  I bought a hard drive from Fry for $200.  I transfer the files from that hard drive into my desktop laptop.  What I did was that I highlighted the whole folders from the Hard drive and drag it to my desktop laptop.  The folders and files are being copy.  My question is.  Does I loose the folders and files from the hard drive or did I was able to make two copies now.  One is still the original files and folders in the hard drive that I bought for $200 and another one is the copy on my desktop.  My question is.

Do I have two files now, one is on my desktop laptop and another on my hard drive? Therefore, I have tow copies.  If one fail I can depend on another?  Please help me with that.  I am afraid that I might loose the files and folders in my hard drive that I bought for $200 at Fry.

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This is slightly confusing.  When you buy a new hard drive it is usually blank?  also "desktop laptop"  this is referring to 2 different types of pc.  A desktop is in a big case, a laptop is small and mobile.

If you have highlighted files and then "copied" them over to another drive then you should have 2 working copies, provided there is no encryption etc.  Also programs that work on one drive will likely not work on the new drive because they wont have the required registry entries on the new drive, but documents, pictures, videos and music etc should be fine.



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