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Windows Networking/Unable to get my ipad to connect to my wifi


Hi, I have set up a wireless network with access control on my netgear dg824pn router. I have my phone, ipad, laptop and surface tablet all setup and am now trying to set up my mothers ipad. I went into the router settings yesterday and turned off access control added the ipad using its MAC address and then turned the access control back on. Fantastic it connected and was working fine. Now today the ipad wont connect. I cant work out why. I put in the password and the animated symbol comes up to show its trying to connect but it never does. My laptop sometimes has problems joining too. My laptop is running windows 7. My ISP is talktalk and I have 8meg broadband via a bt line. Im not sure if the problem is the router even though it connected to the wifi yesterday or if its something else. Thanks

HI There

Wireless issues can get rather messy.

1st thing you want to do is to check the event logs on the router, to see if it is even trying to authenticate the ipad.

I take it all other equipment is currently able to connect?  Also if you have alot of wireless networks in you immediate area you can get connection issues, so for now we will think of your laptop having issues as a separate problem.

Let me know about your router logs and we will take it from there depending an what is logged



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