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I have Win7 64Bit on my Laptop and Desktop PC.
I am trying to make my Desktop use my Router to acess my Laptop and I am so close.

OK let me start from stet one.

I am on my Desktop PC and right click My Computer and go to Properties.
Then on this page go to the Bottom of the page where it says System Name and to the right I click Change.

Then on this page I click change and now I set my Network name and the name of the Desktop PC.

I then do the same on the Laptop and restart both PCs.

Then I go back to Laptop and open Explorer and go to C Drive then Users then open the Laptop User name and then open the Desktop folder and then I see all the folders on my Laptops Desktop that I made.

So I Right click on a Folder I want to share and click Properties then click the Share Tab.

And for people to Share with I pick Everyone.

I pick Read/Write for Permistions.

And when I am on my Desktop PC and right click my computer and go to Map Network Drive it asks me to pick a network Folder that is on this Network.

And I see my Laptops Name so I click on it and click OK.

Then it asks me for a User name and Password.

My Laptop does not have a Password to get into it.

The only thing I can think of is when I set my Desktop PC up on this same network I did not set it for everyone to see it and to Read/Write.

Because I just want my Laptop to be the one I acess from my Desktop PC.

Is this not how this works?

And yes I did put in my Wi Fi Routers Password to see if it would work and it did not but I can print from my Laptop to my Router so I know it is ok.

And my Desktop PC shows me my Laptops name in Map Network Dive list so it picks it up.

Please help I think I am so close?

Can you maybe tekk me what I have to do on my Desktop and then Laptop and I will print it out and go step by step from what you say.


Hi Bob.

I could go into great detail, but you are very close.  When it comes to file sharing, there probably was a password setup for your laptop when you first got it, but it is set to remember the password.  However, if there was no password set, what you will have to do is navigate to:


From here, you should see options to Manage User Accounts or Setting Passwords.  You should setup a password for your laptop (and this is what you would use to enter on the desktop when connecting to the laptop).

The ideal situation would be, if your ID on the desktop is BOB and the userid on the laptop is also BOB, if you have identical passwords on both you should not have to type a userid/password each and every time you connect to the laptop.

This is a very brief solution, but please let me know if you need more details.


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