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I was recently given a Dell Inspirion 530s with Windows Vista. They say it was working fine when they disconnected it. It sat in a car trunk for a week or so in very cold weather.

I hooked it all up and when i push the start button, the fan revs up but all i get on the screen is  its analog mode, going into power save.
If i shut it off and try it a few times it will start the fan, then stop, show the Dell logo and then it says, disk error.

I have tried to shut it off, unplug it and hold the power button for 25 secs, ,to no avail.
I also tried to remove the memory cards and reinsert them, again to no avail.
When it starts, it goes right away to power save mode and a continuous 4 beeps is heard.

I was able to get into diagnostics mode thru F12 and it failed a couple of the SATA tests.....error codes 0F00:075D, OF00:0244
I didn't run any further tests, figured whats the point.

Is this something easy or should i just pitch it...I don't want to put any money into it, that's for sure.

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge


Hi Joe.

Sorry for the late response.

You have pretty much done good diagnostics on your end.  It's likely not a very new machine/that powerful, however, what you can do is try running the tests again after disconnecting the SATA cables inside the system and reconnecting them (with the AC power disconnected of course).

If you find that you can actually boot into Windows, see if you can somehow navigate around.  If not, and you run the SATA tests and they still fail, it is likely a dead deal and not worth getting a NEW hard drive.

However, if you happen to have spare hard drives, you could certainly use one in this system and it would run quite well.  I don't know if that works for you, but it's a little project you could get yourself into if you wish.

Feel free to contact me with any other questions/recommendations.

Good luck!

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