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Windows Networking/printing problems when using two computers



I have 2 computers. Let's call one computer the "master" is the one connected directly to the modem.
The "servant" computer is connected to the master with a TP-LINK router. Both are working fine when we're talking about using the various programs and the Internet.
The master computer uses Windows XP. It is connected to a HP DeskJet 841C printer.

The servant computer uses Windows 7.

With the master computer, I can print without problem using either printer. By the way, the 841C printer is connected to the master computer with  "old-fashioned" cables (not a USB connection); when using the 5610 printer for the master computer, the connection is with a USB port.

My question and trouble deal with printing on the servant computer:

With the servant computer, I can print using the 841C printer, BUT I CANNOT print at  all using the 5610 printer!! neither a Word document or an Excel document. I can't even print a Windows Printer Test Page!

When I click the Start button, then  "Devices and Printers", then I click on the 5610 printer to arrive at a very colorful dialog box with lots of stuff. The key stuff are the words "Printer: Offline" which sums up the problem in few words!

Why am I Offline? What do I need to do?

Thanks for your reply.


Hi Chris.

What might be happening is that the old printer connected with a parallel port (LPT1), hasn't been setup as a share.  It may be as simple as that.  Even so, if it is shared, maybe simply deleting and and resharing it will fix the problem.

So, from the servant (slave) computer, delete the printer.  Right click on it and delete it.

From the Master computer, RIGHT CLICK on it and if it is shared, UNSHARE it.  Then click OK.  RIGHT CLICK on it again and share it again.  Give it a slightly different printer name to differentiate the share name from the old one.

You may wish to reboot both systems - this might refresh all parameters and you'll be able to create a new share from the slave computer after reboot.

So, after  everything is restarted, try connecting to the new share (old printer 5160) however you did it before.  Typically you would go to ADD printer and you should choose network printer and it might find it for you on your master computer's IP address (192.168.x.x) whatever that IP is for the master system.

If you are comfortable going through the rest of it yourself, see what happens and keep me posted.

If you want more detailed instructions on how to link up to it, please let me know and I'll be glad to help.

Good luck!

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