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Windows Networking/best free ping tool to provide accurate result?


QUESTION: Sir, Please provide "best free ping tool" for windows 7 in providing accurate result during continuous pinging with any time interval(For eg. 10 seconds)

ANSWER: Hello,

The program I have used for many years is TJPing 3.0, available at:

- Mike

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QUESTION: yes, this tool is good. but it does not provide date and time details for each reply from server. please mention, Any other best alternative to the best TJPing 3.0. Thanks.

I have not widely used other ping tools since I have not had the need.  It is possible that you may need a pro (pay) program if you want to capture time and date of each ping.  But you may want to take a look on this site to see if there are any free programs that meet your needs.

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