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recently had a huge storm,caused a power outage and when the power came back on my internet wasn't working. I have an arris modem and the online light keeps blinking, even when I connect via Ethernet I cant go online. this has happened previously where one of the techs mentioned something about the modem resetting and the cable company not being able to assign an ip address (or something like that). I wonder if that is the same issue here. the company has some kind of service backup where the tech won't be able to come out til near end of the week; is there anything that I can do on my end to maybe fix it sooner? thanks


It sounds like the modem is damaged, probably the result of a power surge when power was restored.  You can try disconnecting the device from power for a full 30 seconds.  If your modem has a backup battery in it, you would also need to remove that to force it to power off completely.  If that does not work, your cable company is likely going to have to replace the equipment.

- Mike

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