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dulcimoo wrote at 2006-08-06 17:12:05
PING stands for Packet INternet Groper. However the programmer, Mark Muuss, said he named it after the sound the sonar makes (so then it is named after the sound and does not "stand" for anything).

chris wrote at 2007-01-02 19:38:03
PING stands for "Packet Internet Groper"

Terry wrote at 2008-04-04 21:36:41
PING stands for Packetized Internet Groper or possibly Primitive Internet Groper.  There are some who belive that it is analogous to a sonar ping (thus detecting an opject).  What not ask who wrote it?  They were killed in an auto accident back in the late 70' if I remember correctly...

NavyFlyer1325 wrote at 2013-03-04 17:32:22
Ping most certainly DOES NOT stand for the silly name (Packet INternet Groper) given it by wry, glib wits who came on the networking scene LONG AFTER the author of the ping program, Mark Muuss. Mark said he named it after the sonar sensor feedback received when one submarine "pings" another with the sound energy transmitted by its own sonar during underwater search and detection. If you've ever been aboard a submarine, and heard this sound energy returning to your submarine, you would understand. It sounds like, "PING!"

sss wrote at 2015-01-23 12:48:51
PING stands for Packet Internet Groper

it is used to check the connectivity between computers or devices

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