Windows Vista/op system corruption


QUESTION: how do i check if my vista o/p system is corrupt

ANSWER: Hello John

there is no specific way , as the word "corrupt" cannot be linked to one or two reasons there are many reasons
but usually corrupt means that the system is not usable you cant login or do anything , or partially usable you can do some stuff but not everything else.

checking the event logs by going to control panel - administrative tools - event viewer , looking under applications logs and system logs for error could give you a clue to what is actually going on. but to many errors doesn't mean the system is corrupt .

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QUESTION: well, i did what you said. so, what are the clues. what specifically defines corruption. what would a tech do to make a definitve diagnosis.

ANSWER: unusable system / non stable system this is the definition.
tech will trace the issues try to solve them if he/she couldnt then its corrupt. many tools can be used between virus scanner registry scanner registry tweak windows built system tool such as system file checker , check disk tools and more...

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QUESTION: where do i rate answers.

and, after the answer you say
" but, if wev'e helped -- pay it forward" what does that mean.
and then you say "Expert not accept ratings". what does that mean. thanks

Hello john

sorry i never saw "but, if wev'e helped -- pay it forward" before

and for "expert does not accept ratings" i do have that disabled.

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime through or directly at

have a nice day.

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