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Windows Vista/RAM upgrade / Reverting bcdedit /set increaseuserva


I'm sorry for the bump but im getting nowhere trying to fix this problem.

Currently my PC spec is Dell Studio XPS 435T.Windows Vista™ Home Premium (32bit), Intel(R) Core i7 CPU with 4GIG RAM.
After reading some forum related to Vista 32 and PC Gaming.
I did[bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3072], and I'm not having anymore crashes running higher graphic settings on my fave games.

Turns out I bought another 4GB RAM, so I got 8GB on my PC now.
Thing is, the [] "Can You Run It" website says I got only 3.5GB of Ram, and I think it's related to the above command line I used.
On my DXDIAG after restarting the PC, this is my result : [Memory: 3062MB RAM] & [Page File: 2757MB used, 3591MB available]
I did revert it by typing [BCDedit/deletevalue IncreaseUserVA]
But after restarting and DXDIAG, i'm still getting the same result.Did the PC did not recognize the rest of the 4GIG remaining RAM that I just installed, or am I missing something on this?
Another thing is, when I run Control Panel > System & Maintenance > System. It shows that my Memory(RAM) is at 8.00 GB.
So its really confusing.

Any advice/tips/solution/reference on this?
Thanks in advance for all your reply & feedback. I really appreciate your time and effort sir.

Hello Azizul ,

Windows 32Bit editions can only handle 4GB of ram in total  , enabling PAE physical address Extension may allocate the other 4GB but still they wont show up but they are available for the system to use , but it may cause problems with system stability , random crashes drivers errors etc.. so its not recommeneded to enable that , best way is upgrading your OS to 64BIT if your computer proccessor is 64bit capable.

if you need more help please feel ro contact me back anytime

good luck and happy new year.  

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