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QUESTION: I am having a problem when I install a all in one printer, I have tried to different ones because I thought the first was broken, turns out it has to do with the twain folder. There is a hpsj_0000 folder and a MX430 series folder, also three pages (hpqgnds2, hpqgnds2.tmp, and wiatwain.ds. How can I fix that to where I can install my Canon MX series printer?
     Thanks, Cassandra

ANSWER: Hello Cassandra how are you doing
you didnt mention what is the exact problem  , does it fail when you install the driver or what exactly happens , any error msgs can be helpful to track down the issue

but for now try downloading the latest canon MX 430 driver and save to your desktop from

then locate the downloaded file on your desktop and then right click on it and then choose run as administrator , click yes on any confirmations that shows up and go through the setup wizard
and see it that works , write down any erros msgs you get through the installation and contact me back directly at

good luck and have a wonderful day.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, I've even asked Canon support.  this is the message that pops up.

Cannot start the MP Navigator EX. Check the following points.

1. The supported model of this software is as follows.  Check your product model is listed.
         Canon MX430 series.
When your product model is not listed, install correspondent MP Navigator or MP Navigator EX.

2. MP driver/scanner driver which supports your product model is installed.

3. Your product model is connected to PC properly and the power is ON, if there is a power supply.

4. Reconnect the USB cable when connected with USB.

Hello Cassandra

i came up with these possible solutions after researching it

1. it could be your antivirus software and firewall , disabling your antivirus and the firewall then trying to install the drive and see how it works.  " some people reported issue with major antivirus software such as eset and kaspersky symantic norton etc.."

2. if you have any other printer software installed such as hp and you do not use it anymore goto add remove programs and uninstall them and reboot then try to install it again.

3.the twain folder going to c:\windows\twain_32 and delete the contents there and try to install the driver " first i would suggest to make a copy of them by copying the whole twain folder and creating a new folder on desktop and save them in their in case if something wrong happened and you needed to put the files back"

i emailed canon support and im waiting for a reply maybe they have a fix or knowledge base article for this situation  

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