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QUESTION: Every few days when my computer is sleeping,It crashes.There is a blue screen with much text. I have to shut down manually and restart manually.Then "restart normally"
I am using Vista home Premium 64 bit on a Dell XPS M1530 laptop.

ANSWER: Hello George how are you doing
well first make sure you have the latest drivers and windows updates installed
you can check for latest driver by going to
for windows update goto start menu control panel , switch to icon view and then locate windows update and check for updates make sure to goto optional updates too and check boxes for driver updates and then install them all.

also right click on "computer" in start menu , and choose properties , then a new window will show up , on the left side click on device manager , device management window will open , locate your wifi device and right click on it and choose properites , a new windows will popup goto power management tab and uncheck the box that say allow computer to turn this device off to save power" click apply/ok and reboot.
see if that fixes your issue.

good luck.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt response.
I went thru the steps you suggested.However, it crashed again, after the mouse froze, which it does frequently.The message was:"Driver_Power_State_Failure".
I had to shut down and restart.

yes this information is not very helpful that's not the full error msg usually It mentions a filename.sys in the error too  , if you can send me the whole error msg that will be great if not you can email me the minidump file " which has all the crash msgs in it and I can look it up and see what is exactly causing the system to blue screen"

the minidump files are located in c:\windows\minidump , compress the folder and email them to me at , ill look at them whenever I get a chance and hopefully we will find the missing link  

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