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I have a Dell Vostro 410 core 2 duo Quad PC about 4 years old ?  It had Vista Business from new.  My mom used it for about the past 2 years and had difficulty navigating Windows so my nephew installed Ubantu on it. I now have the PC back and am going to try to sell it.  I don't care for the OS that is on it and want to replace it with what it had.  I have no idea where the restore discs are ( if they even came with it).
 Short of buying a new OS ( which would defeat the whole idea of selling it) , is there a way to reinstall Vista from Microsoft since it did come with it from new that is low cost or free ?   I think it will be easier to resell with Windows instead of Linux.

The factory sticker says

Windows Vista Business OEMAct
Product Key YWTFV - 4RY68

Lastly , I have a Dell Inspiron  AMD Dual core  I think it is a 2.8 ?  Not sure.  It is about 5 years old and came with Vista Basic. I bumped up the ram to 3 gig.  Of the Dell Vistro vs this PC , which is better overall.
Thanks , Andy

Hello Andy

no you need to find the recovery dvd , or try to find it online download it from unsafe places , ask friends etc.. simply any dell Windows Vista DVD recovery should work , otherwise you have buy it form dell " if they still sell it" or somewhere else.

dell vostro seems to be more powerful and newer.

have a nice day.

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