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Windows Vista/opening several things at once


Haven't talked to you for a while, but I have come up with a slight problem.  This is for my wife who is not at all computer savvy. She likes to look at three things when she gets on the PC. 1) mediacom email, 2) gmail, and 3 facebook.  Seems like when I find a method she understands it changes after a while and I don't know why.  But I am trying to find out how to put it back like it was.  

I could open mediacom, and then hit the little plus sign and then hit the letter g and it would take me to gmail.  If I hit the little plus sign again and the little f, it would take me to facebook.  Not any more. Is there a good way to set it up to where is it easier to open the three???  Hope you have a good day.. Richard

hello Richard
try doing this
open internet explorer , and then goto tools - internet options - content
then under autocomplete click settings then check all the boxes in there
if they are already checked then uncheck them and recheck them back again and try it out

have a good day

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