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Windows XP/Inability to print to network printer


Gill wrote at 2010-09-30 18:30:30
Hi Mike,

I also had a similiar problem to David. I checked if the file/print sharing was selected and it was (there was an image of a hand under the printer icon on the main computer). Is it normal for anti virus software to prevent the other computers on the network to access the printer?? How do I go about preventing or undoing this?



HawkeyeJoe wrote at 2012-11-12 17:50:45
OK. I have just partially solved this problem on a client's system. My client has avast professional and everything was going swimmingly until an Avast update about 60 days ago. They called a technician at that time, who solved the problem by replacing Avast with Microsoft Essentials. That solution was bad in my opinion and I only found out what was done last Friday. So Saturday I went to work to solve the problem after I reinstalled Avast. Without Avast and with Microsoft Essentials the client has fully functional printer sharing and file sharing. With Avast everything is beyond the users access rights.

The cure was...well, curious. The printer was hosted by a WinXp system called //Main The printer was a Kyocera 1020MFP. On the Host, the share name was "main-printer". When I tried to add the shared printer on a WinXP Home edition, the printer setup wizard hung 100% of the time with an invalid name error. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. The wizard was fetching the name "Kyocera 1020MFP" instead of the shared name "main-printer". I entered the correct shared name in the second box on the printer setup wizard (//main/main-printer" and everything went famously. Unfortunately, I still have not solved the file sharing trouble, which may well be the same type of problem.

For the sake of clarity, Both systems are running WinXp service pack 3. All updates have been installed. The systems are both members of the same Workgroup, which is unique to this user. I know the slave work station is running WinXP Home Edition and I think the server work station is also, but I may be wrong there.

I know this is a question from quite a time back. But the problem is current and still biting people in the azz even now, 4 years later.

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