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Windows XP/Left click box has disappeared.


QUESTION: Several months ago I had asked a few questions and the answers which you provided were very helpful. Now I have encountered another small problem.
   My 6 year old Compaq desktop running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 is generally working very well. However over a week ago the onscreen box which appears when I left click (containing the Delete option)has stopped appearing.
   The right click box still appears as usual but the left click box no longer appears on the desktop or on any of my 3 browsers.
   I assume this likely occurred as a result of one of two things which happened at about the same time.
   First there was a short power failure which was the result of a transformer blowing up on a pole in the area. The power came back on in less than a minute but for economic reasons I have not as yet installed a surge protector and I assume that there might have been a brief power surge.
   However if there was a surge fortunately nothing else seems to have been effected as everything else appears to be working perfectly.
   Also I had two guests in my apartment who were using my computer for several hours. They were not doing anything regarding the computer functions, only looking at websites and one of them was accessing his email.
   However I was not watching everything which they did for the whole time so I do not know what they might have done.
   One thing which I was wondering about is if one of them had clicked the left box on the screen and then accidentally hit the Delete key on the keyboard,is it possible that this could delete the box on the screen?
    In any event whatever caused the problem seems to likely have  been something very simple so I am hoping that you can suggest a simple way to restore the missing box.

ANSWER: Using the left click would not bring up a menu box. Left click's only purpose is a selection tool or dragging tool. Right click is the only button that does that brings up a menu box (which contains DELETE, left click does not contain delete...ever).

Now if you were left handed, there is an option to switch the functionality of the left and right button so that left-click was like a right-click and right-click was like a left click, but that is all, nothing else.

Unless you had some odd registry modification done for you in the past by someone you know (which I HIGHLY doubt), your question does not fit how Windows even works. Even Linux and Mac operating systems follow the left click/right click rule.

Have a great day!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: While I do not know if my formerly used computer has ever had the registry altered I am fairly sure that up until now a box did appear when I left clicked which did contain the Delete option which I used from time to time. There is no Delete listing in my right click box at all.
   When I right click these are the listings which appear in the box on screen. Back,Forward,Reload(then a grey line)Save as,Print,Translate to English,View Page Source,View page info(then another grey line)Inspect element.
    There is no delete option displayed at all. Are these the normal listings found in a Windows XP right click box and if so why is the Delete option  no longer included and how can I restore it?

ANSWER: Well to be funny, you can't delete a web page. The option to "Delete"  is for files in Windows Explorer, such as while you're in your "My Documents", files on the desktop, "My Music", etc.

You'll get different options on the right-click menu for each program you are on. It sounds like the stuff in your right click you told me about in your reply was you right-clicking in Google Chrome.

It currently sounds like a "brain fart" is currently occurring with your question, so do this to create the moment: "Oh yeah, duh, what was I thinking?". Try right-clicking a file in your documents or anything and looking at the menu just to confirm "Delete" is in your right-click menu. Then left click it and see what happens. What happens is exactly what it has always done.

Have a great day! XD

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: You are indeed correct in that since the on screen menu does change depending on where it is used the right click does show the Delete option when it is used in a file context.
  Having only had my own computer for a few months all of my previous experience with computers had been on public access computers in various libraries. When you use such computers only for information searching and to access your e-mail you have no experience with changing right click menus since I never had any files to delete.
  My donated computer had I was told been in a law firm for 5 years and then in a social service agency for 1 year before I received it. So when I first received it there were a lot of old files left on it and I did a fair amount of deleting to remove them. However I had not deleted anything for 1 or 2 months and had not recalled that the Delete option was only sometimes displayed on the right click menu.

Understandable just getting used to having your own computer. The computers at the library were likely set up differently and with certain tasks only being done, your situation is completely understandable. If I seemed inpolite in my last response, I did not intend to insult you.

Have a great day!

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