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Windows XP/Client Services for Netware


I have a question .
How I can uninstall client services for netware.  
I want to change the log in option.

ANSWER: Hi shayan,

It will be located in your local area connection properties:

Open Network Connections (Start > Control Panel > Network Connections)
Highlight the Local Area Connection entry where the Novell Client for NT/2000 is being used.
Click Properties to bring up the properties dialog for that connection.
Highlight the Novell Client for Windows entry in the connection properties.
Press the Uninstall button. Windows will confirm that you want to remove the Novell Client for Windows from all connections and not just the current connection.
Answer Yes to this prompt and the Novell Client for Windows and dependent Windows network services will be removed.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I want to change the way users log on and log off but i can't do it  from user account it say i should uninstall  Novell Client for NT/2000 .I uninstalled it but  i can't  it
Please help me

Hi Shayan,

Were you able to uninstall it or not? Is this a Windows XP computer?

Do you want users to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to get the login screen or just the regular Welcome Screen where they click on their name? See below for more information on how to do this:


Windows XP

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