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Windows XP/format and remove two operating sys.



At the present time I have tried to install w-xp or any ops on computer my computer with no success.

It stops and this screen comes up.(in attachment).

There is one other problem

When the computer boots up I hear one long and two short beeps.

What does this mean and how do I fix it?


ANSWER: Hi Lynwood,

Let's start with the BIOS beep codes you are hearing. Are you experiencing any problems with the video? The one long and two short beeps are usually associated with video/graphic card problems. If you have a video card installed, make sure it's seated properly. Or even try removing it, inserting it back and make sure it's secure with the screw or lock down latch. Then make sure the video cable is not loose or have bent pins. Check both the computer end and on the monitor end.

Now with the Windows XP and formatting the hard drive. Do you want to have two partitions? One for Windows XP and the second for maybe data file storage? I usually recommend a two partition setup so if you wipe out Windows XP in the future, at least it won't affect your data on the second partition. You will need your Windows XP CD to do this procedure. Insert the XP CD and follow the on-screen instructions to go through the setup. Select the option to set up Windows on the initial screen. When you get to the screen where you can create or delete partitions, you will want to delete the two partitions that had Windows installed on them. The first one is usually C: and the second one you will need to find out when you login to Windows on the second partition. To do this, login to the second Windows operating system you have there and right click on any file/document and go to Properties. It should tell you where the location is. It could be any partition depending on how you set it up initially. The screen I'm referring to is:

So you will use the down arrow key to select the partition you want to delete and hit the letter D on your keyboard. You should get a prompt on the next screen. Confirm the partition deletion. Do this for both partitions and it will wipe out the operating systems for both.

Note: If you don't see multiple partitions or selecting the second Windows operating system does nothing, then it's probably just a ghost entry in your boot.ini file and can be ignored. You can just focus on the primary C: partition which should be where Windows XP is installed.

Once you delete the partition, you should be able to follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows on it and format it. I recommend formatting it using NTFS format. Some people also prefer using the normal format vs a quick format. I usually go with quick and don't have any problems.

Let me know if you run into any issues.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Kevin
I forgot to mention, the one partition was w-xp and the other was ubuntu.
I can't get this partition off of drive.
Did you get the error image I sent?
Also video is inboard.

If you can't remove Ubuntu using the Windows XP CD, then you will need to use GParted on the Ubuntu CD. See instructions on how to create a new partition (which should delete all partitions) at:

For the onboard video, just make sure to check the video cable connection in that case on both ends. Are you experiencing any video problems though and do these error beeps occur every time you power on the computer?

No. I didn't see any attached file here or in the original post you made.


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