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can i use compac recovery disc to fix dell desktop,misplaced and wondering ,and if so how is this done
also or can u wipe out a desktop by clicking one of the f without a recovery disc[beleive my daughter has virus and she misplaced her dell recovery cd's but i have compac,her computer is very very slow and freezing as of yesterday
if this can be done please please i pray help me with sppecifies cause i am new at it but trying to help her get it going cause she stays very far from me to come use mines and she needs her desktop for online college courses,please help if u can,very urgent
1. can we do it[wipe clean without cd's an if so what steps to take as to the f1 or f2 or f etc
2]if not 1- can it be done her dell with my compaq and if so what f and then what specific steps
please help hers is slow as h,frustrating and she got lessons to complete by friday
this all started yesterday,not sure whether something she downloaded or what,just freezing and slow very,i am praying to hear from u asap

You COULD try to use the Compaq recovery disc on your Dell, but be prepared for it to NOT work. Those recovery discs are usually specifically designed for ONE model of computer and all of the software (drivers, etc.) is programmed for that model. It MIGHT work, but it probably won't. Your best bet is to contact Dell for a replacement CD, or get a normal, standard Windows disc.

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