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I am a low-end Microsoft user. Mostly surf the net and answer some e-mails. I buy the upgrades, like every one else. But I just do not SEE that much difference in the different Windows software over the years. Now Microsoft is coming out with a new version of their software. I see pics on the internet of colored "boxes" on the screen, like a Apple phone. Was just wondering if you have seen the new software and any suprises for it?

Hello David how are you doing
I've seen the new windows 8 , and I've been using it since they released a developer preview for the public , its pretty awesome , it faster , snappier , does require some time to figure stuff out on the new interface.

you can always try it out and your closest best buy , they do have a couple of them on the display where people can check them out. also there is a Microsoft store in Orlando Florida and they will be glad to help you and show you and give you more detailed information's about your requirement

you want to keep in mind , there are two version of windows 8 8 PRO which is a normal windows that is compatible with almost all the software that is available in the market for windows 8 and windows 7. 8 RT , which is a limited version a different code that will only let you install applications from the Microsoft app store, you can not run native x86 applications on it.

if you need more help feel free to contact me back
Good Luck  

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