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I have a window xp no bells or whisles, I live in a remote area and have dial up, on a fixed income and my computer and a company call callwave worked fine, I could be on the internet and it would let me hear a call and I could get of computer if needed.  the company has moved on to better things, the other company that had a similar item had to send me a modem I think because mine was a 90(callwave worked great) but they needed 92, so bought modem and it never worked no matter what.
Is there a company or something I can can do to get or see who is calling.  I do have call waiting from my carrier I checked, but my phone and computer just don't work with the modem.
thank you

I have used dial-up with a modem but simply ignored any telephone calls when using the computer.
Perhaps these suggested steps will help:
1) Use a PC Caller ID Program such as YAC, a Caller ID system that uses the modem in your Windows-based computer to monitor incoming phone calls.  When a phone call is received, YAC displays the Caller ID info on the computer screen.
2) Use a caller ID compatible modem perhaps available from your phone company.
3) Subsribe to caller ID service - as you have already done.

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