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Windows XP/Problem loging into Allexperts using Chrome.


Here is a strange problem which you probably never have been asked about before. I was just now trying to log into using the latest version of Google Chrome on my 6 year old Compaq desktop running Windows XP Professional using Service pack 3 and as I was typing out another question for you I used the spellchecker on the Allexperts screen and each time I clicked it a box appeared on the screen which said the following.
   Sorry, currently we do not support Netscape Navigator 3.0,Internet Explorer 3.0.
Please upgrade your browser.
   I am now coming in through Firefox but have come in to your site multiple times (including about a week ago) through Chrome with no difficulty at all and almost always use the spell checker as spelling of the English language is not one of my strong points.
    I am wondering if other people are now having the same problem so perhaps you could check using your contacts at Allexperts to find out if it is just something on my end or if (as seems more likely) it is has arisen on the site or perhaps with some very recent change at Chrome itself?

I do not have direct access to other people on this website, so I couldn't really check to see if anyone else has the problem.

Everything but the spell check is working fine otherwise, is that correct? If that is the case, Google Chrome has it's own library for spell check. Just right click a word that is underlined in red and you'll see one or more possible corrections for your word as Google Chrome "guesses" what you are trying to type. Firefox also has this feature. It comes in pretty handy, as to say I've never used spell check given by the site itself. The feature works on 99.9% of websites out there. (The .1 percent is those sites that have weird object code as a text box of some sort. The only example I've been able to find is an email based web program for a college server.)

Have a great day!

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