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QUESTION: Hello I click on windows update click express recommended I'm getting a message website has encountered a program and can not display the page your trying to view Error number 0x80244019 I tried SP3 after installing it you need to restart your computer to complete installation the computer shut down while rebooting and then started rebooting again this time with an error message stating that some neccessary files were deleted during the installation of SP3 had to run system restore I'm currently run SP2 I've tryed disabling webroot secureanywhere and tried updating again same error message 0x80244019 Can't figure out what the problem is Thank You

ANSWER: Being Windows update is not working as liked, you will be forced to manually download updates through Microsoft's website. For your particular update to SP3 from SP2, here is the link to download the installation file manually, then install by following the on screen instructions given after opening the completed update file. Link here:

If this method doesn't work, let me know. Have a great day!

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QUESTION: I've already tried SP3 after installation the computer needed to be restarted as it was booting up the computer shut down turned off and then started rebooting again got error message some file had been deleted during the SP3 installation but the computer would only boot up in safe mode in safe mode add and remove programs tried to uninstall sp3 because like said before the computer would not boot up normally I then tried to uninstall SP3 would not uninstall so thats when I run system restore SP3 will install but the computer will not boot up normally Can't figure out what the problem is if I get SP3 installed and the computer boots up normally then maybe windows update will work something is blocking windows update and when SP3 is install windows won't boot up normally Whats the problem Thank You

ANSWER: There is a method to the madness with Getting Windows XP from SP2 to SP3 through the way I'm about to explain.

If you have programs that require SP3, they don't, trust me. That is what Microsoft forces programmers to make their programs check for, but doesn't actually require any use of SP3.

Given this, you can modify the registry through this article I'm going to link you to below to make your computer look like it's running on SP3, but is actually running on SP2 without any problems. After you read the first couple paragraphs, you may also see why this is probably your best choice as in the article, some people also claim to have booting problems after upgrading to SP3. The process is extremely easy and will take a matter of 45 seconds. All values and folders in the registry are alphabetically organized which allows for simple fast browsing and easy locating of what you need.

The article does not tell you how to open the registry editor. To open the registry editor, click "Start"--->"Run..." and in the little window that appears, type "regedit" (without the quotes) and hit Enter (or click OK)

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QUESTION: Hello I did what you said I went to techrepublic registry hack tricks and did what it said click OK restart my computer windows update worked perfectly the rest of the evening and the next day now when I click on windows update I'm getting error message number 0x80090008 website encounter a problem and cannot open the page your trying to view same message instead of stating windows is up to date whats happening now Can this be solved Thank You

I'm not positive, but it is possible one of the updates could have been a built-in checker to see if the registry value was modified, then switched it back if the value was changed. Microsoft does do this to check for little leaks and cracks to stop people from getting around Microsoft's harassment. I would recommend you to check the value you changed once before to see if it is still "300" or if it got changed back to "200" (without quotes).

I don't have any other possible solutions on that note besides leaving updates alone and turning off "Automatic Updates" in the Control Panel because "if it ain't broken, don't fix it".

Hope this helps, have a great day!  

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