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Hello Saed,

I can't get Windows XP Professional to boot.

The basic configuration of the machine is
Main board - Intel FRU PN 49P1599
CPU - Intel(R)Pentium(R)4CPU 1.80Ghz
Hard Drive - Maxtor 3.5 Series 120 Gb
Ram - 512 MB on two modules
Video ATI Rage128

There are no devices attached other than the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The computer had been working fine. Then I physically moved it from one room to another and it would not boot up (no logical reason that I can think of - there are no power source or electrical current issues). I could not get it to boot in safe mode either. After several days of frustration, I decided to re-install XP (my data files had recently been backed up and I have my software ready to re-install, once I get XP running again).
I followed the on-screen process steps of removing partitions and formatting the drive and then re-loaded the Windows XP from the CD - it seemed to take the re-install OK, but it did not ask for the installation key.
However, when I try to boot up, as soon as it completes the memory check a message appears that says "Error 0662:Configuration Change Has Occurred Press <F1> to Setup, <F2> to Resume   *Error Boot Sequence will be taken if no selection is made"
If I make no selection, nothing happens.
If I press <F1> it takes me to the BIOS Setup (but it won't allow me to save any changes)
If I press <F2> it will attempt to boot and, after about a minute or so, the Windows XP Professional logo screen will appear for about 30 seconds and then a blue screen appears with the message "Stop:c0000221 Unknown Hard Error\SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll"
And, at that is as far as I can get with it.

Hope you can help.


Hello Paul how are you doing
regarding the first error rror 0662:Configuration Change Has Occurred Press <F1> to Setup, <F2> to Resume   *Error Boot Sequence will be taken if no selection is made"

get into the bios and disable floppy save and exit that should take care of it

second error this can be caused by a number of things but usually A) Bad XP CD. B) Bad HD C) Hardware conflict.  tying making another copy or getting another xp copy from a friend and try it out

lets check some hardware could be dirty ram or a bad ram , open your box and swap the ram chips places clean then with a tissue , check hard drive cables cd dvd cables floppy cable if they are connected good if not connect them.

also it could be a bad hard drive  if you have a spare hard drive try it out.

now after doing that boot from the xp cd , when you get to the installation screen press R to get into recovery mode follow the instructions until you get into command line , then use chkdsk c: /p let it scan and fix then reboot see if it boots up , if not try to reinstall windows again "clean install delete all partitions and recreate them again.

hardware conflicts yikes! , you need to disconnect cds / dvds floppyy drive modem cards network cards etc..  and see if it boots , if it did , then start reconnecting them one at a time then boot your machine  until you find the one that blue screens your computer.  

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