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Hi Kevin -

I noticed recently that when entering my login info into amazon that the autofill / autocomplete feature offered to fill in a completely unrecognizable name.  I am the only user of this computer - should I be worried that this is a (clumsy) sign that I have been infected with spyware of some sort?  I have eset nod32 antvirus and ran a scan, everything is fine according to that, but still I am concerned why this foreign email address pops up everytime i begin filling out a login screen (amazon, gmail, etc...)  I appreciate your thoughts, thanks!  Gary

Hi Gary,

You can try running Malwarebytes' also to see if it finds anything:

You can use the free version. Download any new updates and then run a full scan.

My guess is that Amazon is using a field name that another websites uses and it's using the name to autofill the field. For example, if Amazon called the username field "username" and another website called it the same thing, there is a chance it will autofill it with that information.

Are you using Firefox? This is where I have seen it before but it can probably occur in other browsers as well like Internet Explorer.

If nothing is found by Malwarebytes', then I wouldn't worry about it too much. See if you can select it by using your keyboard's arrow keys and then hit the Delete button on the keyboard. This might not work if you are using Firefox.

Let me know how it went.


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