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Hello Lenny,

I am not exactly sure of what I did in detail, but I was in the process of updating the anti-virus program offered by Avira. When I found out they wanted me to pay money I quit reloading it. Some place in all this some of the program files got erased and the program no longer runs. Meanwhile I can not get rid of what is left of the program because windows refuses to get rid of it, apparently because of missing files.

I can manually erase files as per directions at the Avira website, but that still leaves my directory (I am guessing) with stuff in it. I get a notification of missing files at start up.

At this point I am running without virus protection. I suppose I could buy the new version of Avira and perhaps remove the whole thing in a year if I want to, or load another anti virus program (AVG?) and leave the traces of Avira where they are?

Anyway, I wonder if you could offer me a little advice about this.


Merry Christmas John,

The registry needs to be fixed, the start-up settings as well require a bit of doctoring and the bits of files left behind by this Avira thing require complete dry cleaning.

CCLEANER would the job for you by clicking on HERE. Run it and diagnose every corner of it to ensure that your machine is cleaned up.

Kindly Yours,

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